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[WB21] - Deploying a Site - 2

Startbeitrag von JP am 21.06.2016 09:05

Hi All

I have sent a support request to PCSoft in the meantime. But can anyone confirm that they have:

1) Used WebDev 21 to deploy a site remotely to a Windows 2008 server?

2) Used an FTP server which is not the IIS7 built in one? (We are using CerberusFTP, a more secure FTP server)?

Just trying to eliminate possible areas for investigation.



Hi JP,

Yes I have both 2008 and 2012 and run FileZilla and zFTPserver.

They work fine.

if you need some help, let me know,

von KenKnight - am 21.06.2016 13:36

So as you can see from a few posts this is a clean site (no prior WebDev site has been uploaded). Windows Server 2008 R2. Using Cerberus FTP (great FTP server btw). I have followed the setup PDF to the letter, created the group, entered the registry values, created the disk folders, added the windows user and the internet site user, run the Application Server diagnostics (all report OK). Manual test of the FTP server and user account is perfect using FileZilla (all rights to the folder are there). Added windows user Full Control to the WebDev folder on the server. Then from WebDev on my laptop I try and deploy a site - enter the user parameters , usernames/passwords, etc. Try and test the parameters and it fails.

I have screenshot the FTP log file and you can see that the connection is OK, the change folder command to the FTP folder is OK. Then for some strange reason the deployment wizard tries to change folders to a folder name XXXX.TMP. Such a folder does not exist, of course. Then it tries to transfer a file by the same name, i.e. XXXXX.TMP, into the FTP folder. This is successful. Transfer is complete and the deployment wizard logs off. And then gives a useful error message "An error occurred while retrieving some information from one of more Application Servers". And that's that. No further info, no further clue. A temp file was transferred. The only FTP error was WebDev tried to change folders to a folder by the same name as the temp file and that does not exist, obviously.

I have tried Active and Passive variations.

Screenshot attached.

Any clues welcome :)
[attachment 2048 WebDev_Error.png]

von JP - am 21.06.2016 13:53
Hi JP,

The CWD xxxxx.TMP is a common method for checking to see if a file/dir exists through FTP, so whenever you see that in the future, just translate to an "IfFileDirExists()" function and ignore it.

The first place I would start investigating is the paths that you have configured in the WebDev Admin interface for this user against the paths that you have defined in your FTP user account. This is a really common mistake that I have made on a few occasions.

In fact I recently spent probably an hour+ on this very issue... I just wasn't paying attention. At any rate the webdev deployment was putting the tmp file in one place and the server was looking for it in another.

Let me know what happens.


von KenKnight - am 21.06.2016 14:10

The paths on the server:

[attachment 2049 Server_Paths.png]

When I connect with FileZilla client from my machine using the relevant FTP user account it drops me in the parent folder "EB" so that I can see folders Data, ftp-webdev, sites, webservices, and www.

The temp file is correctly transferred into folder ftp_webdev. (there are several of these tmp files in there now from prior attempts to deploy).

von JP - am 21.06.2016 14:23
what are the paths defined for the user in webdev?


von KenKnight - am 21.06.2016 17:41

Sorry I am not sure I understand the question. Paths for the user "EB" on the server are as in this screenshot - to the EB folder.

[attachment 2050 Server_Paths.png]

The EB FTP account points to the parent folder "EB"

I don't know if this helps but if I purposefully enter an invalid name in my WebDev deployment setup screen I get the same error message i.e. "An error occurred while retrieving some information from one or more Application Servers". In other words I don't get a message telling me the WebDev Account is wrong. This tells me that it is not even getting to that point of testing yet. It does the FTP (as per prior screenshot) transfers the file, and then displays this:

[attachment 2051 WebDev_Error_2.png]

von JP - am 21.06.2016 18:08
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