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HFCS: Directory of the database on a network resource

Startbeitrag von Victor Diego am 21.06.2016 16:39


I would like to have the directory of the database (HFCS database) on a network resource, and not on a local device. For example: Z:\Database or \\server2\Database.
Does someone have tried to do that? I cannot do it. I edit the “HFConf.ini” file, but I only can change to a local device, but not to a network resource or a NAS.
My tables have binary fields and I want migrate to a system with more space (for example a NAS)
Thank you

Victor Diego


Hi Victor,

I don't know if there is any 'internal' lock to prevent that, however, the fist problem is that HFCS run as a service. As such, it's default 'user' is system, and that user does NOT have network access permissions.

So the first thing to do would be to either add that permission to the system user running HFCS -OR- to set up the hfcs service to run with another user/password, one that DOES have network access, at least to that specific drive.

If after that it still doesn't work, I don't know.

Also, remember that if all data access goes through the network, to read/write on the disk, the network MAY become your new bottleneck

So it may be easier to just add a good external drive running in USB3 to your current server.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 21.06.2016 19:31
Hi Victor, seems you want to connect to a HFSQL CLASSIC database?
Nothing easier than that:


von GuenterP - am 22.06.2016 06:14
Thank you Fabrice,
I have tryid with all permissions, but I cannot run the HFCS Control Center, therefor the database server does not run.
I will try other options.

Best regards,

Victor M. Diego

von Victor Diego - am 22.06.2016 07:06
Hi Guenter,
No, I use HFSQL Cliente/Server and the problem is that when the directory of database is in a network resource, the cdatabase server does not run.

Best Regards,

Victor M. Diego

von Victor Diego - am 22.06.2016 07:10
Hi Victor,

it works here with a DS213 Synology. I tested it for a few days while developing a small app for a customer.

As Fabrice explained, you have to run the hyperfile service under a (regular) user, which normally has the right to access network resources.

I don't know your situation, but to me a NAS is not a replacement for a fileserver. They address different purposes.

von Arie - am 01.07.2016 14:09
I do this, but not with SMB which is a slower protocol, instead if you can use a SAN/NAS that supports iSCSI like freeNAS or Open-E DSS, the free version supports up to 4tb.

iSCSI initiator is included in Windows Server and presents targets as a local disks in disk manager on your server. Simply point HFCS database to a drive that is located on a iSCSI target on your NAS/SAN. Much faster than SMB.

von Davie - am 02.07.2016 01:14
Hi Victor,

It's probably not possible,because HFCS needs to lock files and I don't think that's possible on a network share.


von Piet van Zanten - am 02.07.2016 15:55
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