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[Wx21] - Update 1 (version 01A210065s)

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 23.06.2016 17:33

Is there any information available on what this update fixes, changes, breaks?


Hi Donald,

sorry, no, seemingly there wasn't time enough for a translation from French to English, summer holidays are nearing .. however, the French text can be read here: http://www.pcsoft.fr/st/telec/windev21/windev21_65n.htm
Using an online tranlation should reveal some of the changes they did to WINDEV in this case.

von GuenterP - am 23.06.2016 18:56
It is unfortunate that they decided to put the text in an image so that it can not be translated by the Google translation module. If course this is English update 1 (65s) and the French version is Update 3 (65n), so who knows if the fixes are the same.

von Donald Montaine - am 23.06.2016 22:16
I hope there is another update coming still has issues. After install update crashed 3 times with address errors.


von DW - am 23.06.2016 23:04
Donald Montaine
It is unfortunate that they decided to put the text in an image so that it can not be translated by the Google translation module. If course this is English update 1 (65s) and the French version is Update 3 (65n), so who knows if the fixes are the same.

Hi, I think, it isn't too hard to understand. Yes, they tend to put text blocks in images. Something like ABBYY screenshot reader is needed to get at the text and let Google, Microsoft etc go on with the translation.

von GuenterP - am 24.06.2016 05:25

traditionally, the numbering indicates the fixes... currently, the US version contains MORE fixes than the french ones (all the BIG ones reported since 65n came out, I would think). For the french version, we have to apply individual patches and the ones available are listed in the resource section of the french site.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.06.2016 11:46
I don't agree.
1. After 65S update, many options now don't work and windev freeze much often then before.
2. Some messages and options into English after update are now in french.
3. Windev collapse if you try to Save As query like copy with new name.
4. HFSQL Server has 90MB bigger EXE file. I don't think there is so many "improvements" for HFSQL Server from 59n->65S

In first hand I am not satisfied with this new june update. I hope my recompiled software will no have problem in functioning.

von ICI - am 24.06.2016 15:17
I updated the 32bit to 65s now I can not use wd21. I have tried uninstall and reinstall still same problem.

20 seconds or so after opening I get an error then it closes down


Invalid vTable at the 0x1dd100e5 address


Technical Information

What happened?
Invalid vTable at the 0x1dd100e5 address

Error code: 0
Level: no error

Dump of the error of 'WinDev21.exe' module (


von DW - am 27.06.2016 15:38

Make sure you have not installed any suspicious services that emulate or configureren a Sentinel Dongle.

I had the samen problem and I uninstalled Sentinel SDK and some other Dongle toolkits. And after that, reboot computer and everything was working again.

Hope this works for you too

von Danny Lauwers - am 27.06.2016 18:48
Hi everybody

@Everybody :-) : I had a quick exchange with PCSoft support, and they confirm that 65s US is in fact 65n French + TWO fixes that are available as separate patches for the french version (and the translation of all strings, of course).

@Dennis: some users have reported that problem after upgrading (to 59 and or 65). The vtable error IS related to the dongle. SO try first to uninstall the sentinel driver and reinstall it and if it doesn't work, contact pcsoft support, as it seems that there is a fix for the hardcore cases.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.06.2016 19:20
Hello Fabrice,

Thanks for the reply, I did contact tech support they responded very quickly with a diagnostic tool I ran it and sent the results to them.

I will try the dongle re-install as I do use a emulator for another program that I own.


von DW - am 27.06.2016 23:44
I know that the 32 bit version has been recommended in the past. But I decided to try the 64 bit version of Wx21. So far everything has worked well and the upgrade to 65s has been without problems.

von Donald Montaine - am 28.06.2016 01:18
Hi All

Where I could download all new features sample projects of wx21 as I
never have a DVD version since wx17 by just updating the dongles and
software updates from pcSoft and I guess wx21 DVD has it all?

Thx in advance to anyone who could point me out there from pcSoft website or
some sort of ftp:// site...



von kingdr - am 28.06.2016 11:48

Example are never available separately. They are included in the original installer and then in the upgrades, when needed.

Both original install (full=DVD content) and updates are available directly from the download section of pcsoft web site.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.06.2016 12:38
Hi F

I used the link as below:


and updated from WM210PACKUS065s.exe but there's none to get any
further samples projects, pls point me out the correct site.

And of course, I did downloaded the Final version wm...n.exe and again
it only exploded a few sample projects indeed.

Pershap I overlooked something and pls help then.



von Kingdr - am 28.06.2016 14:16
I have to agree with King

Just checked my example folders for v20 and v21

Complete v20 = 48, v21 = 26
Training v20 = 167 v21 = 94
Unit v20 = 122 v21 = 154

An increase in the Unit examples but quite a lot MIA for Complete and Training.

von DerekT - am 28.06.2016 14:47
Hello Derek

It maybe that PCSoft have dropped the idea of Complete and Training examples.

They no longer appear as pane options, there is only Unit example, the display of which they have broken completely by putting them in a list and further broke them because they started the description of most of them with the word "The" so they are all lumped togther which makes it even harder to find what you want to see. You can actually fix that part by renaming the folders in the Unit examples folder.


von Al - am 28.06.2016 15:38
Hi Al, I believe that they're in the process of checking the examples for being fully compliant with v21, I'm quite sure most of these examples will re-appear in a revised form at lastest in v22 ... for the time being, it's just fine to use the examples from v20 and before. If one's in need for even more examples, just install the equivalent French versions. Most times they contain more examples and source code in general than the English ones.

von GuenterP - am 28.06.2016 16:08
Hello Guenter

You may be right, but the examples have a history of being a bit rough and ready and I don't believe they have ever seriously checked that the older examples work in the new versions. The CRM example hasn't worked for a few versions now.

V21 doesn't seem like a big enough change to break the older examples and besides with every release we are always being assured that our old projects will work with no modifications so why would the examples be any different ?

In V21 there is no easy way to get to those older version Components, Full Examples and Training examples because there is no available pane to display them. I have pointed this out to Tech support and I am sure that others have as well so why are they missing ?


von Al - am 28.06.2016 16:47
Hi Al, of course, I'm not sure, it's just feeling because they revisited WDSETUP again and made it right. Ok, I'm used to INNO Setup now but took the pain and tested WDSETUP and it seems ok to me now. Using a signature, it didn't work at all until v19, no big uproar then. This shows how much users rely on the side tools supplied with WD :rp: So, as I believe, they're going through the examples too and give them a thorough testing ... it's not really a good point for sales if examples in the Express versions don't work.

On the other side, I try hard to get Repositionable Notes working in one of my applications. This is not as easy as it looks ...

von GuenterP - am 28.06.2016 20:05
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