[WD21] - Table Break Headers - SOLVED

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 26.06.2016 23:32

I have a table filled by programming used for stocktakes where the user has the option to sequence the data by stockcode within 1 of 5 options as follows:
1. Dept + Category + Bin Location
2. Dept + Category
3. Dept
4. Category
5. Bin Location
The actual sorting of the table works fine but the break header (which is created correctly in every case) shows as a blank line, except for the break for the Dept (option 3) which does display correctly. Code is identical for all breaks; it calls a procedure which uses a switch statement to populate the static control in the break header and to hide or display the different break headers. I am only displaying the break header at the lowest level eg option 1 has the dept and category break headers hidden but displays the bin location header with details of the 3 fields.

I have created breaks on the table based on the first option and the procedure is called from the Row Display of the table. I can trace/debug the procedure and it shows that the procedure is being called when it should and that the static control within the break header is getting populated correctly, however it just doesn't display within the table.

I've tried the usual things without any luck. After deleting the .CPL file though the default text of the statics disappeared apart from the Dept one & even dropping a new static into the break header doesn't display in the IDE.

Any ideas?



Found it!
If any of the break headers are set to be invisible in the design page then this is what happens.

Solution was to make them visible and then in End of Initialization code of window make them invisible.



von David Egan - am 27.06.2016 02:03
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