Startbeitrag von David Egan am 29.06.2016 00:05

A client replaced their server recently so we updated all the WDUpdate.Net files to point to the new server. However they get an error at startup pointing to the old server & telling them that the update path can't be found. I've double checked the pathing in the file and it is definitely pointing to the new server.

1 machine, purchased after the new server was installed is working correctly with an identical WDUpdate.Net file, so I'm guessing that somewhere the system has recorded the old path & is using that in preference to WDUpdate.Net. However I can't find anything in the registry pointing to this.

Any ideas where it could be getting this old information from? If I get really desperate I guess I could uninstall/reinstall the program on each machine but that would be a fairly major undertaking so I want to avoid that if possible.




Hello David,

Uninstall each client and reinstall. It is the long way but it will work.


von DW - am 29.06.2016 10:12
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