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Repositionable Notes

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 29.06.2016 09:24

Hi, I wasted the last two days on this, just to tell you. In fact, there are two types of notes which are interwoven in some ways.

1 - there are the "AAF notes". They work just fine as they are.
- The notes can be launched either with a right-click on the window or from a button with the function AAFExecute(Menu,aafRepositionableNote). The parameter aafRepositionableNote cannot be found in the function's parameter list but can be typed manually and will be accepted.

- You can open the notes from a file automatically by loading them with function WinEdLoad(MyWindowName,"MyWindowName.wdnote")

- You can save the open notes automatically to a file when closing the window using function WinEdSaveNote("MyWindowName.wdnote",MyWindowName). Note: if you forget to give the parameter MyWindowName (as shown in the example!) function WinEdLoad will not recognize the file as being in correct format.

My main concern is the font of the notes. The environment for usage of our programs is very dusty, a script type font is nice for you and me, but the users prefer clearly typed letters like Arial, Calibri or Helvetica. I couldn't find any way to change the font of the notes. I could, of course, by finding the name of the just generated note and change the font by {"My note"+something that looks like date+time,indControl}..Font. However, the font is not rembered when storing / retrieving the notes. Of course, it is possible to enumerate the note names and change their fonts, they are controls of the window.

2 - There is the "note control". One could create it by ControlCreate(..) and delete it by ControlDelete(..) but unfortunately the control doesn't tell you that the X in upper right corner has been clicked. No process available for that! Putting a button with an [x] over the X doesn't help, this button is not shown when the Note is shown. Maybe, it's better to create small yellow non-modal windows instead ... If you click the x it tells you/the user with a small black message that the note has been deleted, but in fact it has not - it just became invisible! Not even the text on the control is set to "" - it just stays on the note. Interestingly, if you create 10 note controls then these controls can be saved by WinEdSaveNote and loaded by WinEdLoad. Of course, there is no way to influence the saved font/s of the note controls (it's the standard Segoe font) and have to be set after WinEdLoad(..) by programming. So, maybe, it would be better to save the notes by programming to a file (Note name, text, x/y position, w/h size, background color, font name, font size, font color).


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