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WM20 android - YesNo is always in English

Startbeitrag von Arie am 30.06.2016 19:55


I have an Android app with 2 langauges, Dutch and German. Works great, the user an select a language and it is set by using the Nation function.
However the text on the buttons of the YesNo function are always in English. Did I miss a setting somewhere?


Hi Arie,

AFAIK, just like in windows, the yes/no dialog is a system one, and therefore uses the system language.

In windows, there is the subterfuge of using windev windows instead to simulate the function in any languge you choose, but that option is not available in android, I think...

So you will have to code a yes§no window+function yourself if you want it in another language than the system one

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.06.2016 20:21

tablet language is Dutch so I would expect Ja/Nee
So you are right I waill make one myself, no big deal but

von Arie - am 01.07.2016 10:33

Re: WM20 android - YesNo is always in English SOLVED


the Dialog() function can be used for this. With the proper options it acts as a YesNo window :spos:

von Arie - am 01.07.2016 11:39
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