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[WD19] Database corrupt and maintenance

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 30.06.2016 23:02

Hi All,

Now im using HFSQL classic for standalone windev project and it is always become corrupt in many end user pc.

What is the main reason for corrupt database?

HFSQL also always need to reindex to maintain the speed and performance.

For WD21 can handle auto maintain the HFSQL database?

Thanks a lot


Hello Mujahid

Unless you are running single user, I have never had the problems you describe so I would be looking to the hardware - the PC itself or the available power.

It's not advised to run Multi-user with classic but I have done for many years with up to 15 users without a problem in terms of corruption.
If you are running mutli user with classic then search this forum for discussions on op-locking as without that set correctly you can have the problems you describe.


von Al - am 01.07.2016 00:03
Hi AI,

Thanks for your advise.

If you dont mind to explain the op-locking setting? What is the specific topic related to this issue from this forum?

Maybe HTransactionStart can damage/corrupt the database?

Thanks a lot

von Mujahid - am 01.07.2016 03:31
Hello Mujahid

This thread

The very last message has a link to a white paper with more explanation.


von Al - am 01.07.2016 03:44
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