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WB[19] - table won't refresh

Startbeitrag von Joel am 02.07.2016 15:10

Hi - strange problem - I haven't worked with queries in a while, been doing SQL and code, so maybe I'm forgetting something -

I have a page that lists some records. I go to another page using (to add a new record, then return to the original page using the PageDisplay() function and upon returning to the 1st page the new record isn't listed in the table. But if I restart the project in the developer, it is there. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?


How is your data shown on the page. A table ? clearly the data isnot displayed / refressed.

So you could do a tabledisplay() with a TA Init selected ( this means trhat the inistation code is ran again.



von Allard - am 03.07.2016 14:43
Thanks Allard! Yes, it is a table and it should refresh itself when I go back to that page. That's the weird thing. I'm using a Query from the query editor... Each time I open that page I should get the most recent data read, but I don't. Wouldn't tabledisplay() be used only if I was staying on that page and wanted to refresh the table?

von Joel - am 04.07.2016 14:44
I cannot speak for WB as I do not use it but a similar issue occurs in WD when using internal windows where a table control (or Combo) is bound to an array, which itself is filled by a query.

If I do not issue a 'TableDislay()' - or 'ListDisplay()' - new data is frequently not displayed.

von DerekT - am 04.07.2016 19:09
Hi Derek -

Where to put the tabledisplay() command? In the Init code of the table?

von Joel - am 04.07.2016 20:47
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