[WB21] - Flashing table - 2

Startbeitrag von JP am 03.07.2016 07:54

Hi All

[WB21 Classic site]

I have traced the flashing table issue. If I have a table which is anchored, height adjusting to browser, then clicking a row causes the table to "flash", i.e. disappear and re-appear. If I just switch off anchoring then this does not happen. Also, this only happens in Internet Explorer (my version is 11). It does not happen in Firefox.

I have tested with having no code to execute on the click. Just clicking the row makes this happen even if no code executes.


Do you have the last Webdev Version??

von Jan de Bruin - am 03.07.2016 11:24
Jan, I have 30A210065s - I believe it is the latest.

von JP - am 03.07.2016 12:05
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