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[WB21] - Collapsing Tables

Startbeitrag von JP am 04.07.2016 17:44

Hi All

I find a few strange issues in WebDev 21. I understand there are web-based issues like browser differences etc. But some things are just too weird. Here is an example:

1) I have a page split into 3 zones (top bar, left navigation bar, and right for content) - simple, very common design

2) In the left nav bar are some controls including a table. Table is an Ajax table.

3) The table is populated with content according to user action - works fine

3) The table is set to re-size vertically according to the vertical height of the browser

4) In Firefox (latest) and Chrome (latest) under Windows 8 everything works as expected; table resizes, no flashing when row selected. Only issue is you cannot rely on knowing the selected row from the table code?!

5) Weird issue 1: Under Windows 8 (same computer) using Internet Explorer 11 - the table does resize but flashes every time you click a row!

6) Weird issue 2: Under Windows 10 using Internet Explorer 11 - the table collapses to 1 pixel height when you click a row! When populating with rows it expands and then re-collapses!

7) Weird issue 3: Under Windows 10 using Edge browser - everything works as expected, no table flash, no table collapse, but still cannot rely on knowing the selected row from the table code.

I seem to spend a lot of time on what I consider really basic stuff :) What can explain this behaviour on 3 different but modern, up to date, browsers? Is it IE 11 and Ajax ??


Hi JP,

part of the explanation is as follow: IE is a piece of crap... always has been, always will be...

Even M$ admitted it when they killed it and replaced it by Edge...

Another part of the explanation is: welcome to the wonderful world of web development, where every new version of every browser gives us new gifts...

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.07.2016 18:38
LOL, Fabrice - I am laughing :)

But it's not a good situation. We have another website which is written in PHP using the Yi framework and all these functions I describe work on all browsers. We have yet another wesbite which uses Classic ASP and it also works on all browsers. It is not a complicated web design - very simple, very standard. So either:

1) I, the programmer, do not understand how to do it in WebDev (very possible), OR

2) WebDev does not implement these things correctly for all browsers

Now since it works in Firefox and Chrome, I believe it is #2 ...

von JP - am 05.07.2016 06:48
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