[WD21] Using a .NET dll from a stored procedure.

Startbeitrag von Phil B am 07.07.2016 14:21

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know if it's possible to utilise the classes of an imported .NET dll, from within a stored procedure?

I want client PC's using my application to be able to launch a stored procedure on the server, the stored procedure then creates an object from a .net class, uses the objects methods, and then returns a result back to the client. I have tried this in my project and all that seems to happen is that the client PC looses connection to the server as soon as i try to declare an object within the stored procedure.

I have imported the .NET assembly into the project and it works fine in regular procedures, Eg. "MyObject is DotNetClass" but this same line of code does not seem to work in a stored procedure.

In this case it is not possible to use the class methods on the client machines, as they interact with an external program that can only be located on the server. Any help with this would be much appreciated.




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