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find motherboard serial number

Startbeitrag von Vijay Patel am 08.07.2016 10:47

i am try this code :-

objLocator est un objet Automation "WbemScripting.SWbemLocator"
objService est un objet Automation dynamique
Results est un objet Automation dynamique
objService = objLocator>>ConnectServer(".", "root\cimv2")
objService>>Security_>>ImpersonationLevel = 3
// Motherboard infos
Results = objService>>ExecQuery("SELECT Manufacturer, Product, Version, SerialNumber FROM Win32_BaseBoard")
POUR x = 0 _A_ Results>>Count -1
Trace("Manufacturer : ",Results>>ItemIndex(x)>>Properties_("Manufacturer")>>Value )
Trace("Product : ",Results>>ItemIndex(x)>>Properties_("Product")>>Value )
Trace("Version : ",Results>>ItemIndex(x)>>Properties_("Version")>>Value )
Trace("SerialNumber : ",Results>>ItemIndex(x)>>Properties_("SerialNumber")>>Value )
Erreur("Erreur execution WMI",ExceptionInfo(errInfo))


but this code not give motherboard serian number (981,845,945 this motherboard)


Are looking for the computer GUID? If so, this might point you in the right direction..


von Davie - am 08.07.2016 11:25
Hi, thank you!!! The practical way to exploit the wmic is shown here

von GuenterP - am 08.07.2016 16:12
hi , GuenterP and Mr Black

i am try your give solution but

this socket montherboard (945,845,etc..) not give RAM serialnumber and motherboard Serialnumber,or Processer serialnumber

i am try this command in cmd :-
wmic memorychip get serialnumber
wmic bios get name,serialnumber,version
wmic csproduct get name,identifyingnumber,uuid

von Vijay Patel - am 09.07.2016 12:09

wmic csproduct get name,identifyingnumber,uuid > c:\texte\uuid.txt

on one of the computers I'm using here will fill a text file named uuid.txt with

IdentifyingNumber Name UUID
YL1L007910 ESPRIMO P5635 1DF74F42-D0B5-3F8A-E7BE-001999719F4B

It says that the product is Fujitsu computer Esprimo P5635 type YL1L007910 with the unique id of 1DF74...

Are you logged in as an administrator on that computer?

In one of the pages mentioning this command they said that some motherboards do not respond with a valid uuid, maybe because they're no-name-boards?

von GuenterP - am 09.07.2016 13:50
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