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[WB21] Ajaxtable right click on row to show own context menu ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 11.07.2016 09:05


I am using an AJAX Table to display the data in.
I want to display my own context menu when right clicking the table row ?

To detect the Right Mouse Click on a table I am using:

In the onload:


And the Browser function itself

PROCEDURE B_ContextMenu(pclEventJS is object dynamic)

ToastDisplay("Right Click")

This works, when I press the Right Mouse button, the toast is displayed. And only for this control.

But how do I detect on which ROW the right click has happened ? :confused:
Is this possible ?



Can you call PROCEDURE B_ContextMenu in the on right click event ?


von Allard - am 17.07.2016 22:04

There is no right click event on the Ajaxtable, the last time I checked. Only clicked (left or right). You have te get the Java event properties to determine if it was left or right or middle button.

The contextmenu of a control has its own Java event, so that why I hooked up this event to the browser function B_ContectMenu.

But in browser code, How to determine what row the user has clicked in browser code from a Ajaxtable ? There is no XY function to determine the row based on the click position in WebDev.

I Think I have to see if there is more info in the Java event itself, maybe it contains some info on the row property. But I still have to try that if I have some time...


von Danny Lauwers - am 18.07.2016 07:52
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