[WB21] - Events Firing Sequence

Startbeitrag von JP am 11.07.2016 18:37

Hi All

I think I read this somewhere but want to confirm; for a control - do the various code blocks in the code editor for a control also indicate the order in which they fire? i.e. let's say for a table control, the code editor shows:

Init (server)
Row Selection (Browser) then
Row Selection (Server) then
Row Display (Server) then
Row Exit (Server) then
Click (Browser)

Would that also be the firing sequence if one clicks the control?


Hi JP,


init is done when loading the page

Row selection browser THEN server when a row is selected (click or keyboard)

Row display when a row is displayed (init, of course, but also scrolling)

Row exit when exiting a row in edit mode

and click when use clicks on a line of a table

They have nothing to do with each other

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.07.2016 18:57
OK, thanks Fabrice. Was sure I read something like that but the mind is going fuzzy - new-info overload!

von JP - am 11.07.2016 19:04
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