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[WD21] 10 times faster check boxes?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 12.07.2016 17:03

Hi all,

I am again wasting my time with stupid little things that really should be a piece of cake. This time with check boxes. Some of them have weirdly changed their caption backround from transparent to white, so they stand out very strongly among other check boxes with transparent background!

And I just cannot find a way to change the background color! Nothing seems to help, not even changing the style of the check box. I even tried copying a "good" check box and changing its contents, link etc as required, but even that doesn't help!!!

Another weird thing with these "bad" check boxes is that they seem to be OK in the window editor, but then when running the window in testmode, they have the white background! Same applies to exe.

None of the normal project fixing procedures help.

Any hints, please?

Best regards

P.S. Where is that "Knocking my forehead against a brickwall" smiley, that earlier used to be available among this site's smileys? Anybody seen it lately?:eek:



Check box backgrounds are set in control description - 'Outside Border' option of the style tab

von DerekT - am 12.07.2016 20:08
Thanks Derek,

In principle and according to documents, yes. But in this case, no. The "bad" boxes have exactly the same outside border/background settings as the good "ones". This is obviously a bug, that cannot be reproduced on purpose -- Windev just has lost its marbles, again.

And, in window editor, they both look the same ("good"). The display error appears during runtime.

I wonder whether anybody else has run into this same problem and found the way out of it...


von Ola - am 12.07.2016 20:23
Problem solved.

My bad. Found a piece of code that actually changed the background color.
Sorry for noise. No bug in WD in this respect.


von Ola - am 12.07.2016 20:44
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