WB15 - no scrollbars in table in Firefox, but OK in IE and Chrome

Startbeitrag von Joel am 06.06.2010 02:48

OK, I'll edit this post with my latest findings...

The scrollbars don't show up in Firefox, but they do show up in IE and Chrome. I have the latest version of Firefox install. This all started when I upgraded to 15 - I suppose there is some setting somewhere that would solve this.

And now I noticed that the fonts are different sizes btw IE / Chrome & Firefox... curiouser and curiouser...

Any suggestions welcome...

Original post:
I have recently upgraded to WB15 and still having oddball problems -

I have made a very simply table linked to a file and then made one programmably, there are 20 items in the file, the table is only big enough to display 15, no scrollbars show up. Yep, Ajax is checked off.

AND - as I have posted before, I create a new blank project, do this all over again, and I get the scrollbars just as I should. Is there a "Gobal" area to set this or something? Or is my imported project just really screw up?

Any ideas?


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