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Compatibility Windev version versus HFSQL version

Startbeitrag von Walter Dieltjens am 13.07.2016 14:36

Hi forum,

Just wondering whether mixing different versions of windev and HFSQL could cause any problems.

Recently I migrated a project from windev17 using HFSQL18 to windev21.without upgrading the HFSQL server.

Now I'm experiencing problems where after a long/short while the HFSQL database suddenly hangs. HFCS indicates that the server is "stopped".

Any considerations are welcome



Hi, just a question: under which OS / Version is your server running?

von GuenterP - am 13.07.2016 15:29

PCSoft is working hard to make its product backward compatible

That means in that case that a windev 17 product can call a HFCS 21 without problem (old calls are supported)
However a v21 program calling a HFCS18 MAY have problem, if one of the calls has changed in the compilers, so I would definitely update the server

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 13.07.2016 21:02
Hi Fabrice, Mr Drechsel has had this nasty problem with those intermittent stops of the Manta server on Windows Server. It did not appear on Linux servers and at last it turned out to be an M$ problem. Therefore I asked for type / version of the server's OS. Of course, I'd recommend to upgrade the software to v21 too, but imho access of a v17 program to a v21 HFSQL C/S database should work just fine. Next question would have been whether HFSQL access is H-commands only or Query based.

von GuenterP - am 14.07.2016 06:32
Thanks all for your reply,

This is the actual situation.
There are about 300 installations. Most of them are running windev17 with HFSQL18 without any problems for several years now. On there own in-door server as well as on our Online platform.

Recently I migrated the project to windev21 because of the need for secured Http. Before releasing this version I planned for some testcases. There are about 10 sites who are running windev21 with HFSQL18 now. Most of them have no problem at all. Just 2 of them have the problem described.

I Also asked the same question to PCS and here's there answer
"The compatibility goes the other way around : old EXE - HFSQL up-to-date."

So I will install HFSQL21 and wait for the results.

Thanks again for your time


von Walter Dieltjens - am 14.07.2016 10:16
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