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WD 17 won't start on Windows 10

Startbeitrag von Wilfried am 13.07.2016 22:24


I stopped working as a developer quiet a while ago but i still have some applications i developed in WD17.

Last weekend my pc was updated from W7 to W10 and now my WD17 won't start anymore.

Can this be helped?

Upgrading to a newer version of Windev is no option since i don't use it proffesional anymore.

Any tips?




When you say:

WD17 won't start anymore

Do you get an error message or do you get a message saying the dongle isn't recognised?

von DarrenF - am 13.07.2016 22:56
Hi Darren,

Indeed. I'm not at my pc right now so i can't give the exact message but i remember it was a problem with the dongle.



von Wilfried - am 14.07.2016 04:51
Hi, it may be that the newest dongle driver doesn't work with Windows 10 + WD 17. Either you're abe to load the old driver from your WD17-DVD or from the setup directory and make it stay or you have to setup a separate hard disk with let's say Windows XP and run your WD 17 there.

von GuenterP - am 14.07.2016 06:22
It may be that you need to update your Hasp driver.
My laptop, at 12 months old, is relatively new and I downloaded and installed new drivers when I started using it.

I too upgraded my laptop, from Win7 64 pro to Win10 pro, last week.
I am currently working without issues in both WD19 and WD21.

I have just run a quick test and successfully managed to open some older projects using WD's 17 and 18.

von DerekT - am 14.07.2016 08:19
Thank you all for the suggestions.

Updating the Hasp driver did the trick.



von Wilfried - am 14.07.2016 14:05
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