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[WD21] Trap F5 key in Google Maps control

Startbeitrag von Adri am 14.07.2016 06:49

When a user clicks on the Map control, all keys pressed are handled by the control.

Our standards are F5 for refreshing a window. For that we put a button on the side which contains code for refreshing tables etc.

However F5 is used by the MAP control to refresh the control. I cannot pass F5 to our button.

Changing focus (away from the Map control) on mouse up (for example) won't solve the problem and also limits some functions of the Map control.

Some ideas?



Hi Adri,

you could put a control (invisible), on top of the map and capture all events (keys and mouse) on it yourself...

then you sort:
- all 'normal' event, you send the same event to the map control (postmessage)
- event you want to manage, you do whatever you need (for f5, by example, you update your controls, THEN you do a postmessage with F5 to the map control)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.07.2016 11:48
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks, that a good idea. I will try that and post the results here.


von Adri - am 14.07.2016 13:16
The interaction with the Map control is not easy to manage with postmessage.
So I'd like to try to simply prevent F5 in the Map control or solve the errors when pushing F5 in the map control.

Did anyone solved this error? The same Google script error is in the PCSoft map control example.


von Adri - am 01.08.2016 14:48
This problem is solved by a patch (104349) from PCSoft. Contact them if you need it


von Adri - am 30.09.2017 11:49
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