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[WM20] Datalogic: 9-Image mode bug?!

Startbeitrag von DannHCS am 14.07.2016 13:24


I'd like to use the 9-image mode on the buttons of mobile app for datalogic memor X3, but unfortunately I encountered an issue.

This is my button in the project,

[attachment 2091 ButtonProject.png]

And this is the button in the compiled app on the mobile Device

[attachment 2092 ButtonApp.png]

I have also a CipherLab device and it doesn't give me this problem.
Have you any idea to solve it?

Thank you,



I don't see your attachements here at the PCSoft forum but usually any issues with displaying graphics on mobile devices comes from the number of colors. The Memor X3 can only display 65535 colors. Usually any graphics coming from WD is 24-bit or 32-bit true color. Just change the number of colors of your graphic files to 16-bit and you will be fine.



WinDev 21 with Oracle, WinDevMobile Android Apps and Motorola Windows CE Mobile Barcode Scanners, Python 3 with Oracle and MySQL

von Sebastian Arnold - am 15.07.2016 14:46
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