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wb 21 reponsive

Startbeitrag von Allard am 17.07.2016 21:02


No question just a comment.

Responsive sites are performing good. It took some work to get rid of all the errors I had but now that I did and checked the site on a mobile site checker it performed verry good!!.

On friendlyness I got a 100% !! on performance mob and desktop 67% and 76%. Well I thought that is ok.
Placing of javascript etc could be imporvend what ever that means:confused:

Then I checked some word press sites of verry respected companies. And guess what their performance was .96% and Less then 60 % on both mob and desktop with a lot off errors and hints of imporvenment.

So Conclusion. Webdev does a verry good job!! Nearly perfect.

Just wanted to give some positive info on webdev.



Thanks for updating us with this info.

Very useful for many of us. We can all work through a few bugs and issues as long as we know that it is all do-able.


von DerekM - am 18.07.2016 03:29
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