Silly problem on drag&drop

Startbeitrag von StefanoG am 19.07.2016 07:38

I can't activate Drag&Drop of an image or anything inside a tab control in a window.
I use exploreraccept function but the area good for drop is the window itself, as I move inside the tab area it become unavailable.

Even if I specify
ExplorerAccept(True, WIN_prova..Name+"."+TAB_Prova..Name+"."+IMG_Prova..Name)
for example

What I'm doing wrong?
Is there a reason for having tab control excluded by default from drop area of a window?
I didn't find anything about it on the help doc.
thank you.


Re: Silly problem on drag&drop


I have always thought that Tab panes act ed like internal windows - certainly borne out by the advent of dynamic tabs.
This being the case then that would be your problem as the window would know nothing of the active tab pane itself - only an assumption on my part of course.

Whatever the case I believe that what you need to do is a change to a single window.
My method is to move all controls from each tab pane to a plane of the window and then decrease the height of tab control so that only the tabs are displayed.
In the 'Modifying the displayed tab' of the tab control select the plane to be displayed.

As you now only have a single window then the DnD drop zone will always be active.
If you need further control then code can be added to the 'DnDEvent' procedures to include or exclude the functionality on a given plane - I am assuming you are using programmed DnD.

Depending on your existing tab setup this may be a bit of work - it will however work as you require.

von DerekT - am 19.07.2016 10:32
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