.NET version of TXControl

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 19.07.2016 23:40

Hi All

Again - re TXControl.

As I need a 64 bit application going forward - and am unable to use the (32 bit) activeX textcontrol - I am now having a look at the possibility of integrating the .Net version.

Does anyone has any advice on integrating .net with windev? I have never done this - but it seems that I need to tackle this now in order to make any progress.

I am currently using Version 19 (but could speed-up the upgrade to Vers. 21 if that makes any significant difference).

Any generic advice/comments on .Net integration would also be extremely helpful, as extending WinDev with .Net might be a way forward for many of us for any number of reasons.

Best Regards,


Hello Derek

We have unresolved .Net errors on a multi tenanted Windows 2012 server.

See this thread

On a separate server without the $shares everything runs fine


von Al - am 20.07.2016 01:21
Thanks Al

For now though, it looks like WinDev/DotNet integration is out of my depth :(

Some initial tries have been difficult to work through issues - and there does not appear t be enough guidance in the examples or documentation. Basically, I don't have enough time to invest when I am unsure if it will all work.

There is a thread from January 2015 that describes some of the issues I am encountering - but with no documented solutions. ( search: Anyone is able to use .Net visual controls? )

I will revisit this if I can find some additional samples or tutorial. For now it looks like I will have to go with the ActiveX TXControl.


von DerekM - am 20.07.2016 03:50
Hi Derek,

I have a video course on basic .net integration available on my web site (full disclosure: 40$)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.07.2016 12:52
Hi Derek,

We have been implementing the .Net version of TX Control here. Because of the way they implement the licensing on the .net control, we had to purchase a special version of the control which was more than double the cost of the standard control. But at least that control works in the WinDev environment.

Best regards,

von KenKnight - am 03.08.2016 11:23
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