[WM20] Open Window as popup in Android

Startbeitrag von Patrick Schwarz am 21.07.2016 09:31


I would like to open a window as a popup in an existing Window in Android. In the help i found the OpenPopup command but it's not implemented for android yet.
I wanted to avoid some hard programming in the native java-code so my Idea was using an Internal Window Control. When I want my "popup" to open, I make the IWC visible. And also changing the IWC propertys by programming to suit it for the different popups and place it properly. But it's really a mess and not a very smart solution.
Did anyone else had this problem and found a better solution?

Best regards


Hi Patrick

what's wrong with a simple openMobileWindow?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 21.07.2016 11:52

It really does depend on how much interaction you need with the user?

In addition to Fabrice's suggestion you could also look at the Dialog and Input functions.


von DarrenF - am 21.07.2016 14:16

it's more a design decision. Sure i could use a complete new window, but with just a RadioButton or so with 3 Options it's not the most elegant design decision.
And the dialog functions have to less options for my use, in interaction and also in changing the look, like the captions of the dialog, ...

So I need to stay with my non perfect solution and hope for some implementation in a new Version of Windev Mobile.


von Patrick Schwarz - am 22.07.2016 10:48
Hi. Yo can use planes in same window to display other info or select in controls... It's easy and all is contained in same window.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 22.07.2016 11:13
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