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[WD20] Automatic Thumbnail on Image Field

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 21.07.2016 15:00

Is there a way to get a thumbnail of an image field from an SQL query?

IMG_Product = Product.Image // Gets full image even though the control is 135 x 90 pixels
IMG_Product = Product.Image..Thumbnail // Works, gets the 320x320 auto thumbnail
IMG_Product = dsResult.Image..Thumbnail // Doesn't work, gets no image

Also, is there a way to generate thumbnails for all of the Product records that already have an image? Edit 2: HModify() did not work like the documentation said it would.

EDIT: Just curious, has anyone had any major issues with automatic thumbnails?

EDIT 2: After reading some past posts, it seems I need to query my products without getting the image. Then I need to HReadSeek() to each product and HExtractMemo(). Will HExtractMemo() automatically retrieve only the thumbnail? display in an image control with IMG_Product = Product.Image..Thumbnail. I am loading thumbnails in a looper so I don't need to use HExtractMemo().



So far it seems like my looper is going to load a lot faster if I use my own image memo field. When I create a product I save the high quality image to Product.Image. Then I load the image in an off-window image control with the resolution I want for my thumbnail. Then I save it to a file with dSaveJpeg(). Finally I save that lower resolution file to Product.ImageThumbnail.

I get all Product.ImageThumbnail in my SQL query when loading my looper control. This seems to be faster than using automatic thumbnails.

von Curtis - am 21.07.2016 20:12
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