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[WD2X] Performance of HF SQL Server

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 22.07.2016 09:46


I have a stopwatch in my application before I call HEXECUTEQUERY() and after Tabledisplay() I stop the watch.

I found a funny behaviour (local or over the internet, different databases, all the same)

The first call is quit fast (1-2 seconds), the next calls taken 5-6 seconds.
Whats the reason ?

IMHO HF SQL should be faster after the first call (cache).

Any ideas ?

Mmh, it looks like that the Problem is "tabledisplay". It tooks 5 times longer after the first call.


Hi Michael,

do you use MyTable..DisplayEnabled = False before and MyTable..DisplayEnabled = True after TableDisplay()?

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 22.07.2016 15:24

I have also observed this behavior that is after first call to TableDisplay the consecutive calls to TableDispaly seem to be slower... but I thought it is only me as no one has ever reported this here.

In my case this seems to happen even when I am using HF SQL Classic.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 23.07.2016 04:09
Hi Stefan,

yes, it makes no difference.

The table has ~6.500 rows.

It looks like that tabledisplay (delete+fill) take some more time as only fill in the first time.

OK I found it:

The content is loaded in memory (not direct access, because of special sort option). If I change it to direct access, all calls using the same time .....
Mhh, thats not good ....

von Michael Drechsel - am 23.07.2016 06:07

[WD2X] Performance of HF SQL Server [SOLVED[

Ok, here a solution:

Put a


before the "HEXECUTEQRY"

and then a


before the "tabledisplay". (You don´t need a tabledisplay anymore in this case)

Then all calls use the same time.

von Michael Drechsel - am 23.07.2016 06:37
Hi Michael,

I wonder if you measured the time needed for the Mytable..BrowsedFile="". This SHOULD be equal to your time difference (the time needed to EMPTY the table, if that is where it's coming from)...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.07.2016 17:40
Hi Fabrice,


If I don´t use Mytable..BrowsedFile="" the whole process takes 5 secondes, with that only 1-2 seconds.

Like I wrote, it happens only if you use Query based Tables loaded in memory .... (not direct access)

von Michael Drechsel - am 25.07.2016 18:21
Hi Michael.
So as you said the this behavior happens also on local database hfclassic, so i did a test:

I have a query of about 86000 records. That's 10 times the size of your example.
I also have a table control with 17 columns, all visible.
I created the table control with all default options but "loaded in memory" instead of "direct access", as I like that way. Anyway I tried with "direct access" it was exactly the same times, and it makes sense.

Method 1:
trace(chronovalue()) // about 1200 milliseconds

Method 2:
trace(chronovalue()) // about 1200 milliseconds

Subsequent calls to both takes the same amount of time.

So I wonder why are you getting those differencies, and also those large times.

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 26.07.2016 11:35
Hi Jose,

I defined a special sort option ("ignorecase") for all my string fields, maybe this is the reason.

von Michael Drechsel - am 26.07.2016 11:59

Hows about defining a array based on a structure and bind the table to the array




Sort will be blistering fast as it is being done in memory.

von DerekT - am 26.07.2016 12:46
Hir Derek,

ok, but what´s the difference between "your" memory solution and "PC Softs loaded in memory" ?
It´s both memory .... and should work in the same time ....

Apropos, my solution has a bad sidekick .... hsavescrollbar doesn´t work anymore ... so I went back to tablediplay()

von Michael Drechsel - am 26.07.2016 12:54
Michael Drechsel
Hir Derek,

ok, but what´s the difference between "your" memory solution and "PC Softs loaded in memory" ?
It´s both memory .... and should work in the same time ....

Apropos, my solution has a bad sidekick .... hsavescrollbar doesn´t work anymore ... so I went back to tablediplay()

Only difference I can see is that I use ArraySort() before I ever get near displaying the result
I assume you are using TableSort() - so unless the PC Soft solution acknowledges the fact that you have checked the ' in memory' option and therefore issues,in the background, a TableDisplay() for you I would think they are sorting the table.

Just a guess of course

von DerekT - am 26.07.2016 19:44
Hi Derek,

I use the AAF Tablesort in the header of the table. Every user understand, how to use it :-)

von Michael Drechsel - am 27.07.2016 06:31
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