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[WD21] Crash - with loss of work - how to prevent

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 22.07.2016 19:02

Based on comments on the board, and because of exceptionally slow local help system loading, I recently switched back from the 64 bit version of Windev to the 32 bit version on a 64 bit Windows 10 box. I am running the current version of Windows 10 and the latest English "65S#" version of Windev.

I recently lost several hours of work on a window in spite of having the "Tools, Options, General, General, "Backup for Automatic Restore" option set for backup every 10 minutes. I had had crashes with the 64 bit version, but always was able to recover without significant loss of work. In this case it looks as thought the Windows 32 bit subsystem crashed taking Windev with it.

Reading the documentation, it looks as though the "Force Flush" option only works for network shares.

It looks as though the auto-backup option does not work reliably. So, is the only fix to click the "Save all" icon compulsively (and does that work to prevent this kind of loss of work)?


Hi Donald,

sorry to hear about your experience, there...

As I've never has a crash with that kind of result, I do not know if saving all would have saved you.

In my case, the automatic backup ALWAYS worked, s.o I'm wondering what could have prevented it to work on your machine.

By example, did you exclude from your anti-virus/anti-malware programs BOTH the windev 21 directory AND the project directory?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.07.2016 19:16
Hello Donald

I haven't moved to Windows 10 and will put it off as long as possible. I am running Windows 7 Pro - it aint broke so it doesn't need fixing - so my comments apply to that OS

The auto backup does work. I can see my system stop and do the save as I am working but after getting burned over the years, especially with the earlier versions crashing during the Find option, it is just second nature for me now to delete the cpl folder before I start for the day and most days I will also do this during the day by completely shuting Windev down and starting again. During the day it I use Alt +S (Save all) and Ctrl +Shift + W (Write All) about every 10 minutes. I am a belt and braces kind of person in this regard.

Your comment re the Local Help may indicate an different issue as it is certainly not slow on my system and never has been. You could check the setting in the "Find" window to make sure that is set to "Help for the products" and not "All' which does an internet search. I also have it set to only show help for the current product


von Al - am 23.07.2016 01:57
Hi Donald,
I had the same problem a couple of times this year ...
It started with WD20, continued with WD21 and got even worst with WebDev21.

Once I COMPLETELY LOST a project, because the MAIN project file was DESTROYED. There was NO way - with the backups - to get it back.
Ofcourse I had a full manual backup, but it was frustrating.
This happened on a 64bit Windows7 pro machine and continued when I upgraded the machine to Windows10 pro 64 bit.
All my WX products are 32 bit.

I DISABLED Write Cache on my hard disks, do a manual backup every half hour and cross my fingers ...
Go to DiskManagement, select ANY hard hard disk, right click Properties, select your hard disk and click Properties. The setting is on the policies tab.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 23.07.2016 11:06

Does any of you use SCM ??

You can just get the project back by openeing from SCM.

It is a great tool . It offers branching of code so you can mantain other then production versions . i think it is an assential asset that WX proviodes



von Allard - am 23.07.2016 17:38
Turning off write caching is a good idea. I had forgotten about that setting. At least in my case, nothing ever happened like this using the 64 bit version of WinDev 21. With the 32 bit version, it seems that it was the 32 bit subsystem of Windows that crashed, giving Windev no opportunity to save anything. This was the only time I have ever not been given the option to recover by Windev from an unexpected failure.

Full disclosure: For testing reasons, I use pre-release (windows insider slow ring) versions of Windows, so I do expect to "pay the price" occasionally.

von Donald Montaine - am 26.07.2016 05:45
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