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Instant update of calculation

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 08.06.2010 08:47

I am doing a calculation using several input fields.
How do I achive, that the calculated value gets updated instantly ?
I know that I could place the code in a "Calc Button" but I prefer to have result shown
instantly whenever any of the filed values changes.

I placed the formula in the result edit control...... If I place it under each value controll takes up more space....



never mind ... I guess using a procedure is the solution....
what bothers me is that I still have to place the procedure under each control.

von Hans60 - am 08.06.2010 08:54
I also call procedure on "Whenever modified" and have updated values instantly.

von ICI - am 08.06.2010 09:36
yes I did that,
I just thought, that if there was any other options to place the code only in the result controll would save some code....
using a procedure call at least eliminates most of it....
thanks anyway

von Hans60 - am 08.06.2010 10:03

Make a Local Procedure and place the desired code in it.
Then make a call to the procedure in the 'Whenever modified" code part of every control.
Just one line per cotrol does the job.

von Frans - am 08.06.2010 10:04
associate (right-click on a control....) the controls you need to a group, say YourGroup, and put this code in the Whenever modified of the window

IF YourGroup..Modified THEN
Trace(TimeSys()) -- do your thing here...
YourGroup..Modified = False -- to avoid running this code when modifying non-YourGroup-controls

von Arie - am 08.06.2010 10:26
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