Startbeitrag von Ola am 29.07.2016 10:22

Hi all,

I changed the label of a key in a file, and also changed it everywhere it was referred to, including a query (named Q_MAKSU_R2), originally created with the query editor, later changed to manually editable. Now, after manually editing this query (just to change the key label name) it started to give me a problem in the report (R_Maksut_In_R2) that uses this query:

Error:The data source of the report references an element not found in the project or analysis.File: SOUSREQUETE_FROM_0E89A3C8)
R_Maksut_In_R2, , line 1, column 1

"SOUSREQUETE_FROM_0E89A3C8 is the name of a "file" that WD has put into the
field named "File(s) to print:" in the "Data" tab of the report description."

And the report lost its links to the query items! And I cannot re-link the items!

I did run the "repair the project" process, but it did not help.

Where is the brake? - It used to be right beside the gas pedal!:eek:
Any hints to help me slow down the incredible 10 times faster development speed of Windev:rp:

Best regards


Ola, I would try.....

Close the app, delete the .cpl file
Run 'Synchronizing the Structure....' from the Sychronization option of the Analysis ribbon
Run 'Repair the project'
Close the app, delete the .cpl file again

von DerekT - am 29.07.2016 13:04
Thanks Derek,

It turned out that only closing and re-opening the app fixed the problem (partly); then WD allowed me to re-link the fields, and after that, when saving the report, the error disappeared into bit-heaven.

Best regards

von Ola - am 29.07.2016 19:31
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