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WDModfic language

Startbeitrag von Erik Schwarz am 29.07.2016 14:58


I have the wdmodfic.exe together with all necessary dll's in a Directory.
Starting it on my developing machine, it's in English :-)
Starting it on my customer, it's in French :confused:

Any ideas how to change?




Hi Eric,

The online help
gives the answer: use the parameter /US

Best regards

von Ola - am 29.07.2016 19:25
Hi Ola,

thanks for the hint, but seem not to work.
When calling with Parameter /US the help Information opens and within this help the Option /US is not mentioned.

So still a miracle, as it is in English on my pc with no Parameter.


von Erik Schwarz - am 01.08.2016 08:58
Hi Eric,

I have the same problem but still no clue how to avoid this. It looks like wdmodfic try to recognize the windows-language, in my case it´s german and all of my customers too. I got E-Mails with the same question ... "why is that in french ?"

von Michael Drechsel - am 01.08.2016 11:55

I know it's not a direct answer, but did you think about the possibility to replace the call to wdmodfic by hmodifystructure ?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.08.2016 12:27
Hi Fabrice,

I think there's some mistrust in HModifyStructure(...) because until v20 it didn't behave correctly sometimes and did not add links. Sometimes it worked well. I tested the behaviour in regards to links in v21 thoroughly (made a separate project for that with adding / deleting links) and now it seems to work correctly. It always has been correct when it came to adding / removing file items however.

WDMODFIC.EXE has been worked over recently and shows some, uh, unfamiliar behaviour. See:

From the console it works like that
C:\WINDEV21US\Programs\WDMODFIC will start WDMODFIC with the French UI
C:\WINDEV21US\Programs\WDMODFIC -wizard will start WDMODFIC with English or French UI, depending on last call to WDMODFIC.
C:\WINDEV21US\Programs\WDMODFIC -wizard /US will always start WDMODFIC with English UI

von GuenterP - am 01.08.2016 14:18
Hi Guenter,

this method with '-wizard /US' works with WdModfic (V20) and WdModfic(V19), too.

I have made a shortcut to the exe and inside the shortcut (properties) added the Parameters.



von Erik Schwarz - am 01.08.2016 15:21
Hi Guenter,
could you please post your code for adding/deleting links?
I am still having problems with it in WD20 ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 01.08.2016 15:23
Hi Steven,
it did not work properly in v20, but it seemingly works flawlessly in v21. The test: I just copied a medium sized project with about 50 files and about 1 Gb of data (HFSQL Classic), added HModifyStructure(...) in the project code and then started to change the analysis at various points, added items, changed item types, moved them up / down in the file description, added, changed and deleted links, several of them at once. Couldn't detect any errors, which told me to use hModifyStructure without restrictions in the future.

Add on: hModifyStructure now detects older files as well as newer ones! I had to go strange ways before to correctly identify a newer set of data files, newer than the analysis of the running program. Some of my customers moved to another computer the easy way: they just copied the data files and installed a program from a DVD without remembering that they had updated their software meanwhile by using a downloaded file. Now we have HInfoAnalysis(..), a bit late, I did not test how it influences the ..GenerationNumber of untouched files. A Todo-item yet ...

von GuenterP - am 01.08.2016 17:16
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