[WD12] Analysis question...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 09.06.2010 22:19

Hi guys,

Probably a simple question, but; I have an Analysis which is in it's own folder and linked to a Project. When I look at the contents of the Analysis folder (among other things), there are lots of folders with the name "ANAnnnnn" for example; ANA00004, ANA00005 etc...

What are these folders? It looks like they are folders created each time the Analysis is regenerated or syncronised?

They are taking up quite a lot of space - so, can they be safely deleted? Is there any value in keeping them?



Hello Darren

They are just to provide history and the option to revert the project back to that analysis version if required. We normally hold the last 2 or 3 only and that is just to be able to review the most recent changes. As the project moves on they become less relevant as an option to revert back to. You can set the analysis up to not make these copies but I prefer to make them and manage them manually.


von Al - am 09.06.2010 22:49
Hi Al,

Thanks for your reply... and thanks for the info - sounds like a good plan to keep the last few... that's what I'll do and tidy up the rest. :spos:

von DarrenF - am 09.06.2010 23:12
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