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WB 12 - AWP from dev environment and IIS7

Startbeitrag von Peter Holemans am 19.06.2008 22:17


I recently had some VISTA updates and updated the WebDev 12 development environment to version 55n.

Since then, I can't get any AWP page to run anymore on either machine and get an ERR_INTERNAL (cannot find file) or HTTP 404.2 error. I checked the IIS7 (On Vista Business) configuration 1by1 again and again and I can't get the AWP mode to work anymore from the DEV environment. Classic dynamic mode still works however.

Any clue?


Peter H.


Hi Peter,

IMHO IIS7 is fairly aggrevating. Couple that with Vista, and its a frick'n PITA.

My first guess is would be that you've got some permissions problems or a virtual directory problem.

Shoot me an email and I'll try to respond with some further information.


von KenKnight - am 20.06.2008 17:42
Hi Peter,

I had a simlular problem with vista and Webdev 12. I also matched all setting but no solution. After that i checked all setting with Xavier S. and he found out that 2 setting for iis7 were activated (CGI and ISAPI) but not working. We reinstalled them in Windows Programs etc. and using InetMgr matched all setting (his against mine) got it working.

So reinstall these setting with Webdev Admin off!, check if AWP is properly running (WebDev Admin, Advanced, Diagnotics) and check InetMgr.

Regards, Aad

von Aad Mess - am 23.06.2008 09:02
Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback... I still haven't got it to work, but playing around in inetmgr (ISAPI and CGI handlers) I am able to get either the AWP mode running or the classic dynamic mode from the development environment (IDE) but not both and my websites are mixed AWP and classic webdev dynamic...

I'm getting frustrated... :hot:


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 23.06.2008 18:55
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