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Open source ERP (WX) - www.alpha360.biz

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 01.08.2016 18:45

We have just “published” the first beta of our alpha360 “open source ERP”.
It is currently in a closed beta status
Although you won’t have access to the “course material” yet, we would appreciate you visiting the site and checking if everything looks OK - at your part of the world.
Our plan is to get out of beta and public September 1st.


Steven Sitas


www.alpha360.biz ?? Sounds a bit like alpha 5 . ;)

I'll have a look.

I have take a look and it looks fine. Ome thing I would like to mention. is the donut grafic in the logo. It looks laike the donut when viewing the tablet view of the site



von Allard - am 01.08.2016 19:26
So it is a pure windev project?? What about webdev ?? Modern ERP.s are on the web arent they?

Ah I saw it on your company site. First Windev then Webdev and Android. Cool.
By the way . On your site the J-query slide show of images goes verry fast.



PS Are you going to put stuff on GIT hup ? Can we help , adding stuff to the project? I like you approach.

We should help PC soft a bit in making Wx know as a the amazing product that it is. I would be happy to devote some time on that.
In Holland it is hardly know, and I think it is a pitty that this is the case. There are alway programmers that say that really advanced stuff cannot be done with wx etc . Let is show them that it can be done :spos:

von Allard - am 01.08.2016 19:38
Hello Steven

Just a personal opinion - The graphics you use on the site where the text fades in and out is quite disconcerting and hurts my eyes to look watch it.


von Al - am 01.08.2016 23:13
Hi Steven,

congrats, the site looks great and I also like the idea of an open source ERP.

How are you going to share the source? Is there a SCM server where members can log in?

How are you going to implement the different languages in the UI? WD functionality or own solution?

How do you want to handle different versions of analysis? For example if I need an additional price field for an article and in your original version of the analysis there is only one. I can change this in the version I use, but what if I try to get the latest version from SCM?

And how are you going to separate the 'special modules'?

Are you planning to go with HFSQL? If yes, are you shure? ;-)


von Sebastian Arnold - am 09.08.2016 11:12

If you work with sourc code manager you can make several branches. You could reserve one brance for the latest version and import stuff from there to your own test or production branch


von Allard - am 11.08.2016 20:00
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