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WX Babes... PCSoft official answer

Startbeitrag von Fabrice Harari am 02.08.2016 18:47

Hi everybody

I know it's in french, but it's really worth taking the time to translate it... :rp:


The story: a french magazine receives an anonymous link to PCSoft commercial document (the one with the babes)... For some strange reason, they don't like it, and succeed in getting an interview with Mr Prut (PCSoft's Boss)...

I'm not doing the translation because I don't want to be accused of modifying anything... You have to read it yourself to believe it...

However, to all of you (and I quote) "..living in countries where woman are not free...", condolences :sneg:

Best regards


Thanks for linking that :)

M. Prut's rationale is a bit pathetic (disingenuous), but I doubt if many of us care that PC-Soft are determined to never sell to corporations in the Anglo-Sphere.

His choice. He obviously has a lot of fun with this. Niche software is fine with me.

von DerekM - am 02.08.2016 23:18
in fact, the "What's new in vxx?" and the WD, WB, WM etc brochures do exist as PDF documents only. Never in high-gloss printed format. As soon as we have the German versions translated and in PDF too, I think about to let them be print in a small edition and distribute it to a few hundred prospects here.

The "What's new in v21?" brochure has only a few questionable images, compared to v20 and the older ones. The WD, WB and WM 21 brochures became very civilized now. I believe in this trend and hope this will continue in future versions.

So, PC Soft did listen to you already!

P.S. I recommend to really read these brochures, you can discover lots of new features and think about including them in your applications!

von GuenterP - am 03.08.2016 05:42
For me these girls are not a problem. Simply, I am focused on real things on brochure.
Decoration is one of the aspects of PC SOFT business strategy. We can buy or not product .
Believe me, I almost even don't see these girls. If Mr.Prut decide to pay for girls he has own rights. :D

von ICI - am 03.08.2016 06:24
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