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WebBased Support Application

Startbeitrag von Henri Parianos am 03.08.2016 20:45

Web Based Support Application

I wonder if anybody has develop an application for support purposes.
Means, A customer calls or a employ would like to register a incident this incident has to be follow up and be solved by him or is mend for somebody else
The person has to be informed by email etc etc

Keep up Q&A or the solutions etc

Henri Parianos



Yes I have seen sutch an application a view weks ago when I saw a WX college. He has a lot more in it though. Complete project manangment of insidents and tasks. Hours spend on projects / making invoices etc etc.

He was in the proces of making it availeble for clients as well so they could put in incidents as well.



von Allard - am 05.08.2016 21:55
Hi Allard,

Can you bring me in contact with Him ??? or any way to have some exchange of thoughts ?

Henri Parianos

von parianos - am 09.08.2016 20:16
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