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Help Versions # vs +, which is latest?

Startbeitrag von StanleyBarnett am 04.08.2016 23:23


After installing the latest # WX product updates, I started to install the help update and it states it is a + version. So is it later that the # version?

Why don't they use numbers to reflect the version numbers like the rest of the world does instead of being 10 times slower because I have to stop and ask this silly question when they could have just numbered it?



Hi Stanley,

It is a number that is alphabetically "higher" than the main product number, so that an update is done

So the main product is 56s and the help that is installed on top of it is 56s+ so that the update happens.

They have been doing it that way for ages, so don't expect that they will change it just because you don't like it...

Nothing important to gripe about today? :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.08.2016 23:51
Hi Fabrice,


It is a number that is alphabetically "higher" than the main

You say it is a number that is alpha higher. I do not see a + or # symbol as numbers. Now if we were to get their ascii decimal values, it turns out that the + symbol has an decimal value of 43 while the # is 35. Is this what you are referring to when saying there are treated as numbers?

Assuming the above assumption is correct the + version is the latest... correct? If not please explain or point me to some docs...


von StanleyBarnett - am 05.08.2016 03:12
Hi, in the download area, can you see any other, newer downloads for the Help? No? Then this one is the latest. Have a nice day!

von GuenterP - am 05.08.2016 06:19
Hi Guenter,


Then this one is the latest

Which one, the + or the #?

What is confusing is in the download area there are WX product updates and then there is the common module updates for an update to Help. Why would there be an update to help? Doesn't the update for WX include their matching versions of help without the need to download them? So why the need to download the help installer at all?

After I update the WX product and when running the help installer from common modules, it says that # is the currently installed version and the help installer is about to install a + version. If their numbering system is based on the ascii decimal values then the + version would be the latest and would need to be installed.

Would someone confirm whether their numbering system is based on ascii decimal values? If not, then what?


von StanleyBarnett - am 05.08.2016 16:00
Life is too short Stanley

If you need it then download it.
If what you have is the same or later the download will not occur.

What you are downloading is your local copy so alternatively use the on-line Help - AFAIK this is always to to date.

von DerekT - am 05.08.2016 18:43
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