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WEBDEV 21 tab control

Startbeitrag von Allard am 06.08.2016 08:47


Is it possible to add tabs to a tab control or even to select a cretain tab by clicking on a button in the screen? In windev this is easily done . However In webdev I could not find anything in the help.

Anyone any Ideas?



I would like to be able to add tabs and to dynamically add an internal window to that tab. So that on run time the window can contain all kinds of windows based on what the user selected.

This would mimic the javascript single site web application

------------------------------------------partially resolved----------------------

Ok I saw I can clone a tab control . The whole control is added. Not a tab in the control . Changing names etc goes via indirection


TAB_hoofdtap[1]..Caption = "test"

{ "tab_twee"}[1]..Caption = "22222222"

It does not take on the responsiveness features of the base control. It takes the size in edit .

So Not verry useble in a responsive site.

It gets positioned in top of the "base control" trying to manipulate the x and Y as position do not seem to work properly. Chnaging the xas vaule doesnot seem to be doing a lot. Am I doing something worng?? Please tell me it that is the case




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