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wd12 look ok in high resolution screen

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 06.08.2016 12:41

today , I realized than while working old project on wd12 on my notebook with resolution (1920x 1080)

on wd20 or wm21 , some parts (image/text) appear big and some parts appear small . the old toolbar become very small. but somehow on wd12 everything ok , even the toolbar zoom out correct. the icon also not appear blur as like wd20/wm21 .

how come , why ?


Here I attach screen shot to show the different

can someone explain why old version work better than the latest ?

von ccc2 - am 06.08.2016 13:03
Display scaling... It's even more dramatic on 4K monitors.

In W10, display properties allow you to set the display scale so that windows and text in applications scale larger automatically otherwise would be too tiny to be useable on hi-res monitors. Windows will set a default display scale depending on the pixel density of the monitor. The higher the density the higher the display scale.

However it is up to the application to also support display scaling correctly so the windows and controls scale correctly. Sometimes an application would want a window scaled, ie to display standard text controls, sometimes not, ie display an image. It's up to the application on how the scale settings in the OS are used in windows and controls in the applications.

Looks like you are seeing some display scaling issues in WM21 ide. Your monitor at 1920x1080 is not that hi-res compared to a 4k monitor. So try some experimenting by changing display scale in OS under display properties to 100%. I think you will find that WM21 is not handling changes to display scale uniformly across all of its windows.

Also, it appears that MS has updated the way display scaling works in the last anniversary update (14393). If you haven't got that installed, then you might also try that.

von Davie - am 07.08.2016 13:06
Hi, on one of my computers (2 x Xeon) I'm using a 4k monitor, Windows 10 suggested a 125% setting for text. I installed WINDEV 21 and it looks just fine now. One can work without a magnifier glass. However, old applications do look a bit small.

von GuenterP - am 07.08.2016 17:27

In the General Windev options you have a setting called "Let Windows manage the editor DPI". This could also change the way Wx21 is displayed on Hi-Res monitors. Maybe you can try that option ?


Let Windows manage the editor DPI: By default, the editors of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile specifically manage their display according to the screen resolution . We advise you to check this option when the default management mode does not allow to properly view the character font used for the editor options, especially for the small screens with large DPI (Macbook Retina).
Caution: this setting affects the editors for the development only. It has no effect on the developed applications. For the developed applications, this setting can be modified in the description window of windows ("GUI" tab, "The window and the controls are enlarged" option).


von Danny Lauwers - am 08.08.2016 12:26
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