PDF Font problem [WD21]

Startbeitrag von iso am 08.08.2016 07:55


Im creating a PDF using:

iParameterPDF("", "", iMaximumQuality)
iDestination(iPDF, gsThedest)

but the font is not being transferred to the pdf, is there a way to do this? It just shows as Arial (the font is not a standard font).




Hi, only the new PDF / A option will include fonts within a PDF document!

von GuenterP - am 08.08.2016 09:15
Hello Guenter

Thanks for your reply, i have tried that and it doesn't work still, i think its an 'Opentype' font which isn't supported, i've decided to change the font to a standard one which looks pretty similar.

Thanks again


von iso - am 08.08.2016 10:02
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