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AjaxExecute in WB21

Startbeitrag von Shijo S Philip am 10.08.2016 11:53

Hi All,

i need to fetch a row data from a file and load in popup window using ajaxexecution method. In this how can i return the result from server side to browser.


This is my result. and i am using awp page

using this result i need to update the controls in pop up window.

Expecting your reply

Thank You

Shijo S Philip


Hi Shijo.

Well You can return in a string separated by a character (TAB for example) the record of the HReadSeekFirst sentence. for example

Procedure Seek() [ajaxmode on]
MyRecord is string = ""

IF HReadSeekFirst(tbl_events,pk_int_event_id,13) then
MyRecord += tbl_events.Fild1 + tab
MyRecord += tbl_events.Fild2 + tab
MyRecord += tbl_events.Fild3

Return MyRecord

and in your browser code:

Procedure SetData :
sRecord is string = Ajaxexecute(Seek)

if not NoSpace(sRecord) in ("",null)

EDT_Name = ExtractString(sRecord,1,TAB)
EDT_LastName = ExtractString(sRecord,2,TAB)


best regards

von NickMarlu - am 10.08.2016 16:46
Hi NickMarlu,

Its working. Thank you

Is there any other way by converting the result into array and pass to browser

Shijo S Philip

von Shijo S Philip - am 11.08.2016 06:58
Hi Again Shiro.

You can try with StringToArray() function but you cant return a array (or any type except a string) in a server procedure invoked by ajaxexecute() function.

I hope this information will be useful to you.


von NickMarlu - am 11.08.2016 16:31
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