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[WD20] Change Background Image Mode by Programming

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 11.08.2016 16:27

Does anyone know if this is possible? It can be done with an image control by accessing the ..ImageMode property. I can't figure out how to do it with the background image of a window.

// Image Control
IMG_MyImage..ImageMode = imgTiled // Works, property exists

// Background Image of Window
MyWindow..BackgroundImage..ImageMode // Last property does not exist
MyWindow..ImageMode // Property does not exist


You've tried this way?


I hope it helps you.


von NickMarlu - am 11.08.2016 17:06
Hi Nick,

I also tried that way. The editor does not give me any properties after accessing Image. And if I try it anyway I get the error, "ImageMode property not found on property".

I know that I can get around this problem by using my own image control, but it would be much simpler to get this to work. I feel like there are lots of properties that PCSoft didn't bother to hook up. There have been multiple times now where I have to add another control to my window because the property I need to change is not modifiable by programming, yet it is in the control description.

von Curtis - am 11.08.2016 17:14
Yeap... PC SOFT Suite is great!!! but not perfect... I'm sorry I can not help you :(

von NickMarlu - am 11.08.2016 18:10
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