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Fire Sale: Windev 15 + WebDev 15 and more

Startbeitrag von Brother Bill am 16.06.2010 22:53

For sale: Full Version of Windev 15 and Webdev 15. No upgrade needed.
List price is $1825 with competitive upgrade. Have DVD's for both.

Also have Webdev 14 Application server license, never used.
Don't have DVD, but you can get license codes from PCSoft after I transfer ownership to you.

Also available is Fabrice's 2007 tutorial videos. As they are licensed as a book, and you can sell a book, I can sell them to you.

Make a reasonable offer and save money.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Brother Bill,

I may interested. I am WD10 user.

I am corncerned that you are selling - would it be impertinent to ask why? I have had a look at your tutorials and I had the impression that you are very much a "Windever".

If you feel that there is something fundamentally amiss, I would like to be aware of it before I put my toe in the water.

Mike Allison

von cardcoder - am 17.06.2010 08:36
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