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Best way to do attendance & absentee tracking

Startbeitrag von Joel am 22.06.2010 13:20

Hi - I need some advice -

I need to keep track of attendance - and not only do I need to know if a person took the class, but I need to figure out who was missing from the class & who hasn't been in class in the last week, etc. I'm wondering what is the best way to do this?

Do I need an attendance record for each person in the class and then mark it as attended or not to accomplish this? - that seems pretty wasteful to have a record to say that they weren't there. What I can't figure out, is how to do it if I only have a record that says they were there.

Each person is 'enrolled' in a class - which has a date & time. Would an approach like this work? Do a search and see if they were enrolled in a particular class on a particular day, at a particular time and then somehow search the attendance record for that person on that day at that time? Am I making this way more complex than it needs to be?

Right now I produce an attendance record when someone 'scans in' with their ID, the date & time. After that, I plan on figuring out what class (Monday @ 5) & program (Fitness) actually meets at that date & time, and add that info to the record.


Re: Best way to do attendance & absentee tracking

Regarding the last paragraph, what if someone scans in at 4:50, and they have a classes at 5 and at 6:30. Would you count them as present in both classes?

You might have issues with folks who scan in at 2:30, go to the library for study, then go to class (or not) at 5. Can you reliably link the scan to the class at 5?

Sticky wicket. All the time and attendance programs I've ever seen has the person scanning into a specific room or job at or close to a specific time.

von Art Bonds - am 23.06.2010 04:52
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