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Ribbon RAD, Dynamic tab RAD ..

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 14.08.2016 17:07

Hi, the new RAD - with different names - sports a dynamic TAB control and a ribbon. So says the "What's new in WX 21?" brochure. However, I tried a lot to get it working, no joy. Has anybody managed to get it working?



I did try this earlier when it was first avaiable with no success.

I have just tried again but as soon as I select 'Generate an interface with dynamic tab' Windev crashes.

Looks like another triumph of Marketing over Programming'

von DerekT - am 15.08.2016 12:43
Hi Derek,
thanks a lot for confirmation! I believed to do something wrong, but it smells suspicious anyway - there's no description of this type of RAD in the Help system.

von GuenterP - am 15.08.2016 14:52
Hi all,

They should open up their stuff so we can build our own RAD generators...
They'll certainly work 10 times better :-D ...

Just my 2 cents,

Peter Holemans

PS: I gave up RAD immediately when trying it in WD5.5 because of it's immense limitations.

von Peter Holemans - am 15.08.2016 18:04
in WD, there is the possibility to build your own RAD pattern. A few versions ago I tried but didn't succeed. We're still using an adapted, debugged and translated RAD 11 - works like a charm. It's true, 5.5 RAD was no good.

In big projects, RAD insures against a different appearance of windows which are doing the same thing. In a team, guy A will do it this way, guy B in another one. If there are 100+ files in a project, using RAD is a must. One can't surprise users with different ways for inputting data, dealing with tables and so on. Additionally, styles ensure that programmers do not choose their own colors but they do not help against different sizes of controls ... RAD ensures most parts of the conformity of a project. Plus, the RAD code is tested and proven to work. If we let each of the programmers do their own code for standard windows, oh mamma mia!

von GuenterP - am 16.08.2016 08:13
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