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WebDev - is there a way to "push" updated shared pages to the server?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 17.08.2016 14:35

Hi everyone -

So I use a lot of "shared" pages in my project. So I update one page and that page in the other projects isn't updated until I open that project in the developer and re-deploy the sight. Is there a function somewhere where if you updated a shared page, the system would "Push" the updated page up to all those projects on the server? I can see some problems with this approach, but nothing insurmountable I would think. Seems like a reasonable thing to make available to developers if you are allowing shared pages in the first place. Is this already available?


Hi Joel

no, it's not available... probably because I've never seen anybody else working with the kind of structure you are using :-(

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.08.2016 14:50


von Joel - am 17.08.2016 15:46

It is not an out of the box feature. But you can make it yourself.

There are lot of different ways to get this . Moast sites that do the push thing use angular js.

But more traditional stuff can be used to get the behaviour you want. Maybe adding a timer that looks every 2 seconds if a value has changed ?



von Allard - am 30.08.2016 09:52
Hi Allard -

Thank you, but I think that's way beyond my meager talents! IF I ever decide I've got to have it one day, I guess I'll have to have someone build it for me.

But thank you!


von Joel - am 30.08.2016 19:53
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