[WD/WM] Display driver igfx stopped responding

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 20.08.2016 03:37

I often get this error (the screen will suddenly off and ON back. on event log show driver stop working) when i using WM21 . specially after the in10 anniversary update. this also when I using WD12 which much much more often error occur than on WM21.

I though this is problem with intel driver but strange part is , it only happen on WD/WM . I never get this error when I using other apps or playing video .

the error occur only in code editor , never happen in window editor .

I had tried reinstall display drivers but problem still persist and only on WD/WM. just a guess , is it possible it's because wd/wm using some old libs in the code editor ?

I wonder if anyone encounter such strange problem. any solution?


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