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[WD20] Buttons in Table

Startbeitrag von Sivaprakash am 24.08.2016 06:15


I want to have buttons in a table, to allow deletion of that row, create a random no for a field in that row, like that.

I tried but I couldn't find an option. Is there any workaround to do it ?

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash


Hey Happiness

Use a container ?


von Jan de Bruin - am 24.08.2016 06:32
Thanks Jan,

But I'm unaware of any 'container'... Could you give any link to examples , code snippets ?

I'm trying to put an image column, as used in CRM example application. Let me try to learn the container option too.

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash

von Sivaprakash - am 24.08.2016 06:55
Hey Happiness

make a table
make a column a container
but a button in the container
i fill the name of the button by Main Control

do some test
you will understand it..

von Jan de Bruin - am 24.08.2016 07:50
Thanks Jan, Got it. I'll explore further.

Internet in my area was down for a couple of days. Couldn't reply immediately.

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash

von Sivaprakash - am 27.08.2016 05:02
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