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Additional Info: I now connected from a different ISP and it connects first time Can the user's network have an influence?

I have Webdev 21 running on the server but a Webdev 19 site plus some webservices developed in Webdev 19.

Most of the time everything works ok except lately been getting the above error.

I get it from my machine when trying to logon to the site using MS Edge as well as IE 11. Chrome works every time.

Now, some of my clients using Chrome are also getting this error.

I read somewhere that changing the setting 'Limit the number of connections' to 99 will solve this but after restarting the server am still getting this message.

I am using different web services as soon as the user logs on. Can the setting
Maximum number of pre-launched sessions = 0 have any effect and should I change it?

Where can I start looking at what the cause it?

Thanks in advance.

Ericus Steyn


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