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queries will not work - For Each does...

Startbeitrag von Joel am 08.07.2010 12:47

Hi -

I have found that embedded and external queries will not work to fill my table, but if I take the programming approach with a For Each, it will. Here is the For each code:

i = TableAddLine(MySelf)
COL_GUIDHFClientPrograms = HFClientPrograms.sProgramStatus
COL_GUIDHFRankLog = HFRankLog.dtDateAwarded

The queries I made do exactly what the code does above - very simple...

I also did this test - a query with just one table runs fine. but as soon as I link to any other table, no data gets returned.

If I GO back into the embedded query and take all the fields out, and then put new tables / fields in, WebDev crashes and I have to re-start it. All of this is not normal behavior.

I have un-installed and re-installed WebDev 15 hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't.

I did get an error msg 2 times after closing down WebDev a couple of weeks ago, but it's in French so I'm not really sure what it says. I'm going to try and paste it in here, but not sure if it'll work...

Any ideas?


Hello Joel

Is it possible that your query is not actually returning any data because of the conditions you have set ? Does HnbRec(QueryName) show a number of records returned ?


von Al - am 10.07.2010 01:27
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